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Cordyceps Sunshine has extended its market footprint in the world's largest traditional Chinese herbal medicine market with the introduction of their Cinnamomum product line.

Date:2024-06-06     Browse:119

    Cordyceps Sunshine Group【C.S】Group, having recently achieved a successful U.S. IPO, hosted the '2024 China International Biomedical Innovation Development Conference and Chinese Rare Medicinal Herbs Cinnamomum Industry Transformation and Upgrade Conference' at the Academic Lecture Hall of the Oriental Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, in Beijing on January 20, 2024.

    The event saw participation from esteemed experts, and scholars spanning across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and national-level biomedical groups, traditional Chinese medicine technology, agricultural science, medical colleges, clinical medical research foundations, healthcare management institutions, research institutions, investment firms, totaling nearly 200 attendees.

    National Recognition for Ganoderma Industry for the First Time

    General Su Yuanfu, former Deputy Dean of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, served as the Chairman of the Conference. The event was co-hosted by Professor Zhang Taojing, Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Conference and Vice Dean of the Oriental Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and Researcher Zhang Haifeng, Director of the Sino-Foreign Traditional Medicine Exchange and Cooperation Center. The theme of the forum was "Biotechnology: Creating Value, Safeguarding Endangered Medicinal Resources, and Enhancing the Industry Chain." The discussions centered around the expansion and application of Taiwan's unique medicinal fungus - Cinnamomum, collectively exploring the Cinnamomum industry in the Greater China region.


    (Left)General Su Yuanfu, former Deputy Dean of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital; (Right)Professor Zhang Taojing, Vice Dean of the Oriental Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine; (Down)The Deputy Chairman of the China International Biomedical Industry Association, strategic cooperation agreements were signed with the chairman Niu Xusheng of the Baoquan Agriculture and Technology.

    Academic Achievements Showcase in the Field of Cinnamomum

    During the conference, Liu Yanhong, Chief Technology Officer of 【C.S】Group, delivered a keynote speech on "The Origin and Development of Cinnamomum, Patent Technologies, and Crucial Components." Following this, experts and scholars from top agricultural science institutes, unique biological research and conservation centers, traditional Chinese medicine technology, Chinese medical science institutes, and innovation promotion organizations on both sides of the Taiwan Strait gave brilliant presentations on various topics, including "Establishing a Standard System to Aid the Green Development of the Cinnamomum Industry," "Application of Cinnamomum Industry Upgrading and Strain Improvement," "Pharmacological Applications and Prospects of Cinnamomum," "Chinese Rare Endangered Medicinal Herbs and Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases," "Efficacy of Cinnamomum and its Application in Traditional Chinese Medical Practices," and "Promoting Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship through the Cinnamomum Industry."

    Industry Collaboration Expands Cinnamomum Market in Greater China

    At the conference, the Deputy Chairman of the China International Biomedical Industry Association, along with seven domestic and international experts in biopharmaceuticals and medical health, presented appointment letters to 【C.S】Group 's  Chief Technology Officer Liu Yanhong and others. Strategic cooperation agreements were signed with 10 partners from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Baoquan Agriculture and Technology was appointed as the exclusive supplier of raw materials for Cinnamomum. Plans were outlined for promoting "financial resources to drive technological innovation and green development in the Cinnamomum industry" and "establishing the Cinnamomum industry supply chain."

    The raw materials of Cinnamomum will be:
    1. Tested for medicinal and edible origin by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
    2. Initially introduced to the market in the form of medicinal diets with the assistance of relevant units, including the National Health Commission.
    3. Used in a health management intervention program for 3,000 retired senior veterans nationwide, initiated by the National Health Commission, with ongoing tracking of cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease rates.

    4. Deep collaboration with national-level channels such as Beijing Tongrentang and China National Pharmaceutical Group, expediting the construction of the industrial system for Cinnamomum and increasing its market share in the Greater China region.

    【C.S】Group Commands Discourse Power in the Greater China Region for Cinnamomum

    Baoquan Agriculture and Technology has established the first Cinnamomum cultivation and production demonstration base in Shunde, Guangdong. The Cinnamomum Conference held in Beijing represents the highest level of collaboration in industry history. It asserts 【C.S】Group 's influential position in the Greater China Cinnamomum industry. Significant annual revenue growth is expected, with positive implications for future stock performance. The group is positioned to emerge as an international unicorn enterprise in the medicinal herbs sector. Within the next 12-18 months, plans are underway for a Nasdaq uplisting, signaling promising prospects on the horizon.