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Team Introduction

Information management system of Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co.

Cordyceps Biological Cultivation Information Management System

Independently developed by Chengdu Cordyceps Breeding Center, the Cordyceps Cultivation Information Management System is the world's first big data information management system for the life cycle of caterpillar fungus. It collects data from the whole development process of cordyceps, from silkworm pupae to moths and eggs production, to understand the best breeding conditions so that we can control the variables with a scientific approach and significantly improves the infection rate and, in turn, optimizes the life of caterpillars. 

The largest seedling and fungus research center: 

Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. boasts the world's largest seedling breeding center for Cordyceps Sinensis and a planting base exclusively for Cordyceps feed. The selection of the best feed for caterpillars: ginseng fruit and polygonum viviparum. We have completed a complete industrial chain covering the production and sale of the cordyceps. 

Professional deep processing and extraction technology center
Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. owns a professional Cordyceps processing and extraction technology research institute in Taiwan, which provides a guarantee for the caterpillar fungus processing and extraction technology.