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Group successfully go public in the U.S. capital market under the ticker symbol RAJAF and reinforces leadership in Taiwan’s medicinal fungi industry

Date:2024-06-06     Browse:106

    Cordyceps Sunshine 【C.S】, a trailblazer in Taiwan's prestigious mycology sector, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully go public in the U.S. capital market, consolidating its position as an industry leader.Renowned for its expertise in cultivating authentic Cordyceps sinensis, the group strategically transitioned its focus in 2020 to Taiwan's emblematic medicinal fungus - Taiwanofungus camphoratus  (Ganoderma lucidum). Through seamless integration of industry resources, the company acquired multiple patents for mass-producing Taiwanofungus camphoratus fruiting bodies. In a strategic move, the company established a Taiwanofungus camphoratus  cultivation center in Yilan, Taiwan, signaling its foray into large-scale Taiwanofungus camphoratus  cultivation business within Taiwan. This pivotal move culminated on March 30th 2023, with the successful announcement of its registration statement effectiveness with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    (Left)   C.S CTO Vincent Liu                        (Up)   Dihua Head Office
    (Right)  C.S CEO Dalan Huang                      (Down) Taiwanofungus camphoratus cultivation

    Consolidating the assets relating to Taiwanofungus camphoratus 

    Amidst the Taiwanofungus’ enduring market validation and a plethora of domestic and international research publications, the undeniable medicinal value of Taiwan's Taiwanofungus camphoratus  has surged in popularity, emerging as a prime focus in the biotech domain. The burgeoning demand for Taiwanofungus camphoratus  raw materials, attributed to its wellness benefits, triggered concerns for its exclusive host, the indigenous Taiwan Red Oak tree, eventually reaching the brink of endangerment. Responding to this challenge, the government enforced stringent measures against illegal harvesting, amplifying punitive consequences.

    The stagnation in Taiwanofungus camphoratus production, the critical bottleneck, lies within the Taiwan Red Oak tree. Balancing industry growth with environmental conservation has been a focal point of concern.

    Witnessing this distinct market trajectory, 【C.S】Group embarked on exhaustive material trials, meticulously testing over ten thousand combinations. Ultimately, they selected ceramics as the optimal substrate for Taiwanofungus camphoratus  cultivation, meticulously mirroring the structure density and water-absorbing characteristics of the Taiwan Red Oak. Augmented by a suitable nutrient solution and the infusion of robust Taiwanofungus camphoratus  strains, they successfully cultivated Taiwanofungus camphoratus , matching the appearance and active constituents of their wild counterparts. This breakthrough decisively overcame the long-standing industry challenge of insufficient Taiwan Red Oak supply.

    【C.S】 Group Dedication to Taiwan's Valuable Taiwanofungus camphoratus 

    【C.S】Group's cultivation infrastructure for Taiwanofungus camphoratus  in Taiwan has grown substantially, ensuring robust annual yields. The expansion around the base continues, further enhancing production value. This year, the company continued its expansion into popular crowd hubs like Taipei's Dihua Street, Taipei East District, and Kaohsiung Sanfeng Central Street, establishing direct-operated 'Tian Cao Gasa' Taiwanofungus camphoratus specialty stores. These stores feature a variety of Taiwanofungus camphoratus  health products and fresh culinary delights, establishing itself as the largest Taiwanofungus camphoratus chain store in Taiwan, sparking numerous discussions within wellness communities.

    International Expansion and Recognition

    Mastering the core element in Taiwanofungus camphoratus revival, the cultivation substrate, 【C.S】Group has applied for Taiwanofungus camphoratus cultivation method patents in Taiwan and China, with pending applications in the U.S. and Japan. Additionally, they have secured China's sole "Taiwanofungus camphoratus  Production Technical Specification Group Standard." The anticipated synergistic effect of integrating Taiwanofungus camphoratus  assets is poised to propel the group's development limitlessly.

    Obtainment of U.S. Stock trading symbol

    In a recent achievement, 【C.S】 Group successfully obtained the U.S. trading symbol and the company is categorized under "Medicinal Chemicals and Botanical Products." The U.S. stock market, in recent years, has exhibited a keen interest in enterprises embracing ESG concepts. Given the global aging population, food supply challenges, and prevailing infectious diseases, these trends are set to bolster long-term growth in the "biotech, pharmaceuticals, and food assets" sectors within the U.S. capital market. 【C.S】Group, renowned in the precious fungus sector, aligns seamlessly with the developmental aspects of environmental conservation, social responsibility, and corporate governance. It represents a pure ESG concept stock, ensuring a promising outlook. The company remains steadfast in its focus on Taiwanofungus camphoratus business expansion, with a short-term goal of up-listing to the NASDAQ stock exchange. The group's imminent future holds immense prom