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Cordyceps deep processing products—Tianyu Tibetan Royal Cordyceps Gift Set:

Date:2021-04-30     Browse:366

    Cordyceps Sunshine Biotech Taiwan established a deep processing production line to make Cordyceps more convenient for consumption and use by extracting Cordyceps ingredients and scientifically matching Cordyceps extract with other nutritional extracts to retain the rich nutrients of raw material extracts.

    The Royal Gift of Cordyceps, with advanced lyophilized powder extraction technique, takes ancient method cultivated Cordyceps as the primary raw material and added with scientific proportioned American ginseng, retaining all kinds of rich natural nutrients of raw materials, effectively integrating ancient cultivation and modern science, with quality assurance, to bring you health and happiness.

     Cordyceps is known as the best Chinese dietary supplement for health and has been regarded as the secret treasure of the royal family for many generations. It has been recorded in many numbers of Traditional Chinese medicine books. According to Sichuan Tongzhi, "Cordyceps Sinensis has a warm nature, supplementing body essence and marrow." It is also written in New Compilation of Materia Medical, "Cordyceps Sinensis taste sweet and soft, acts on the lung and second kidney meridian, nourishes lung and kidney, supplying essence and marrow, stop bleeding and phlegm, cure cough, and diaphragmatic disease." Coming from the court, Cordyceps has gained popularity among the folk and thousands of Chinese households.

    Health is the most precious treasure in the world. We hand-picked the Tibetan Royal Cordyceps to bring you health. It could also be a perfect gift for elders, leaders, or friends to convey your heart and express your appreciation.