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Xiaojin Cordyceps Cultivation Base

Date:2021-05-28     Browse:772

    The Chongde Ranch of Xiaojin County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, is the origin of the best quality of wild Cordyceps in Xiaojin County and has a high-quality worm source with excellent natural conditions suitable for the growth of Cordyceps. There are several pastoral areas in Ngawa with natural conditions required to develop wild Cordyceps, which make them the ideal locations for wild cultivation bases. Thitarodes Xaojinensis is highly recognized with abundant, high-quality worm sources. The base construction may reduce the cost of worm collection and hence is of great significance.

    Once the Cordyceps cultivation base in Xiaojin County is successfully constructed, it is expected to become the first large wild Cordyceps cultivation base in Ngawa Prefecture. A win-win situation will be achieved as the company provides the technology and production materials for the wild cultivation of Cordyceps. When peasants and herders from the growing region offer the land and labor, and the company provides the technology and worm seeds, both sides could cooperate for mutual benefits.