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Founding of Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co

Date:2019-09-15     Browse:489

    In September 2019, Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. was officially established and located at Palm Springs International Center in Wuhou District, Chengdu City. Many guests, as well as industry experts, were invited by the company to witness the inauguration day. 

    Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. is dedicated to the complete cordyceps breeding and production industry chain and deep processing biotechnology research by integrating the technology and experiences the cordyceps research team has accumulated for more than a decade.

    The company introduced the world's leading strain implantation technology from Taiwan and integrated it 
    with the resources of the Tibetan team with years of experience in cultivating ghost moth eggs. By settling in Chengdu, the nearest Tibetan area, to establish the Cordyceps cultivation center, we have effectively integrated the industry while making breakthroughs with a number of technical issues in the Cordyceps industry and building a scientifically managed industry chain with ancient cultivation method.